Epigenetics (Photo credit: AJC1)

My book and BLOG are about what effects our genes (from an epigenetic point of view). It turns out everything in our environment effects them. It is our living intelligent cells way of dealing with an ever-changing environment. Our diet effects epigenetics. We know that plant based foods heal and animal based foods can cause illness. Our thinking effects epigenetics. Positive believers have miracles happen while negative believers usually get what they want. Exercise effects epigenetics. We have hormones that are secreted while exercising that can have epigenetic effects. And last but not least, stress can affect our epigenetics. When we are stressed we are triggering the ancient “Flight vs. Fight” syndrome. In today’s world this stress can go on for a life time, taking its toll on our health. When epigenetics are set properly we have a very strong immune system that can fight off most illnesses. When we weaken our epigenetics, the opposite happens and we get sick. Most American get some form of serious chronic disease as they age. Today younger and younger Americans are getting sick. The fact is YOU DON”T HAVE TO GET ILL! Change your lifestyle and live a better and happier life.