American Journal of Physical Anthropology

American Journal of Physical Anthropology (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We have spoken about studies that show they were not big meat eaters. In fact early man and woman probably got eaten more than they ate other forms of meat. They ate mostly plant-based foods with occasional meat that they stumbled across. My good friend David often sends me articles that I use in my BLOG. He sent this one from the Huff Post Science asking the question “If stone age humans ate much meat”. Hollywood paints a vivid picture of caveman hunting for big game and gnawing at a bone with meat on it. This article says that the American Journal of Physical Anthropology did a report that found that these early humans ate a diet more plant-based than previously thought. I don’t believe this is because early man didn’t want to eat meat. Early man just didn’t get much of an opportunity to get meat. Nature evolved us that way.