Food Matters

Food Matters (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The “Food Matters” film I mentioned in my last two BLOGs makes many impressive points. Here are a few:

• We have the mentality of a Pill for every ill. Illnesses are NOT separate diseases, they are all related to how well your body can fight off diseases (immune system)
• Good healthy makes a lot of cents but it doesn’t make many dollars!
• Less than 6% of medical doctors have training in nutrition. Nutrition is the only thing that will prevent diseases and reverse the ones you already have.
• A whopping 26% of patients discharged from hospitals come out with more malnutrition than when they were admitted. Hospitols are places to get good nutrition. The food they serve will make you sicker.
• If you read and study the benefits of nutrition, you will stack the deck in your favor. The real answers are within your grasp but you need to take the action.
• Do we want a health care system or a disease management system?
• If you want to be a millionaire, go talk to a millionaire. If you want to eat healthy talk to someone who knows about nutrition. This is not most doctors and certainly not hospitals. The drug industry won’t tell you about good nutrition because it would drastically cure diseases and reduce their net worth.
• Stop being a patient and start being a person. Eat healthy and reap the benefits.
• The population around the world is catching on to this idea much quicker than the medical community.
• A simple inexpensive life-style change will prevent, arrest and reverse illnesses. Make that life-style change today!

This is an important film. If you haven’t viewed it, please do so.