Health (Photo credit: Tax Credits)

The “Food Matters” film I mentioned yesterday says “25% of what we eat keeps us well and 75% keeps our doctors and the drug industry well. We are a nation of malnutrition and on top of that we are poisoning ourselves. Our bodies are incredible machines and are capable of healing us but we have not given them any of the resources needed to fix ourselves. We need real nutrition. When our bodies get it, they heal themselves. It is not cancer or heart disease or MS or Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s or any other disease that is important; it is a strong healthy immune system! If you have it, you will be healthy. If you don’t have it, you will be sick. Eat what your body needs to be strong and healthy, not man-made junk that will only lead to illness. If you owned a Ferrari automobile, you would be very careful which fuel you put in it. Putting crap fuel will lead to a sick or destroyed engine. Why then do we put crap into our bodies and then wonder why we get sick?