Hippocrates I

Hippocrates I (Photo credit: epugachev)

It sure does! I watched a movie on demand this weekend called “Food Matters”. It is more proof of what I have been saying in my book (available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble online. I also talk about this topic a lot on my BLOG here. The first link above lets you watch the first 40 minutes of the video for free. You can buy the DVD or watch in on Video On Demand (VOD). This film interviews several doctors and scientist internationally on the world-wide health problems. What really stuck with me is that they describe our health industry as “The Sickness Industry”. Sickness is highly profitable, health is NOT! If people suddenly became healthy, the drug industry and medical profession would collapse. Hippocrates said “Let thy Food be thy Medicine and thy Medicine be thy Food”. Over the next few days I will be talking more about this critically important film. Many of you responded to me on Twitter and Facebook that health was important to you. WATCH THIS FILM!