We are the type of creatures we are because we live on the Earth in this time period. We have temperature affecting us, food, beliefs and thoughts. These are all built because of the society we live in. We work hard because we feel that is what we are supposed to do. Italians say Americans live to work and they work to live. Cultures are different and affect us differently. Our bodies are not a single unity but a sophisticated society of over ten trillion living cells. They communicate, they eat, they get rid of waste and they reproduce. What they do and when they do it is in part a function of our environment. Signals from the environment trigger responses in each cell. This is known as epigenetics. These responses trigger genes to turn on and do their thing or turn off and be quiet. We can never control all the factors influencing our epigenetics but we can learn to eat healthy, think positive and believe in our selves. May all my readers have great health.