Public domain photograph of various meats. (Be...

Public domain photograph of various meats. (Beef, pork, chicken.) Source: (via Public domain declaration: (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is the next in my series on Dr Gregor’s fantastic video. He mentions that vegan woman have significantly less urinary tract infections than do meat-eating women. Of the meat eaters those consuming chicken have the most! Through DNA they have identified the bacteria from fecal matter that invades our bodies and causes urinary tract infections. The meat industries had two responses: 1) inject a virus into the meat to kill the bacteria. What will this virus do to us over time? And 2) Make a spread of maggots and put it on the meat. After all maggots seem to be able to eat decaying meat with no adverse affects. If you want to prevent urinary tract infections naturally, just eat less meat (both red and white) and more fruits and vegetables. Vegans have the lowest amount of this infection.