English: "V" icon as as symbol for v...

English: “V” icon as as symbol for vegetarianism/veganism. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr Michael Gregor MD has this impressive video from CDC data on the largest study ever done on vegetarianism and health. He lists the top 16 causes of death (Drug reactions show up at end of video as #6) and shows evidence that all, except one – accidents, can be lessened by a vegan diet. More than half can be reversed or improved by a vegan diet. The video is 55 minutes long but if you invest 55 minutes of your time, you may extend your life span and illuminate needless suffering in your life and your families. WATCH IT! It is entertaining, informative and well done. It is up to you, you can be healthy or sick. Choose wisely! Over the next several days I will be talking about different aspects of this important video.