Simplified diagram of the human Circulatory sy...

Simplified diagram of the human Circulatory system in anterior view. Français : Diagramme simplifié du système circulatoire humain en vue antérieure (en Anglais). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday we spoke about the dangers of endotoxins from animal protein. Today we look at another video from that show eating a meal of dairy or meat will cause our entire circulatory system to have low-grade inflammation which can lead to heart disease, cancer, diabetes and many other chronic illnesses.They call this the “Leaky Gut Theory” it is real and it takes about 5 hours for our system to recover but in 5 hours we are eating another meal of animal protein. For many Americans they spend most of their lives with low-grade inflammation in their circulatory system. It is no wonder we have so much illness and suffering in this country.