English: veggies

English: veggies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Web MD says that 52% of Americans surveyed said “Choosing a healthy meal was harder than doing taxes”. People needing healthy food the most (overweight, diabetes, etc) found it the hardest. Most people said taste and price were most important. Price is relative. I always say you can pay now or later when you get sick. Chains like Whole Foods has made getting wild fish and organic vegetables much more reasonable than ever. If you chose only on price and ate the wrong type of diet you will get sick and then have a lot of co pays to make. Taste is also relative. Those eating high salt and sugar diets want more of it. They seem to dislike the taste of great fruits and vegetables. Start eating healthy and your taste will change! Salty foods will become too salty and sugary foods too sweet. Fruits and vegetables will begin to taste better. Eat right and enjoy life more.