Figure I. Tissue stain (immunohistochemistry) ...

Figure I. Tissue stain (immunohistochemistry) for the PTEN tumor suppressor gene showing loss of the PTEN protein in the round and tubular glands which are clustered tightly within an EIN lesion. Brown color indicates the PTEN protein is present. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Environmental Health Prospectives (EHP) says epigenetics is in forefront of research today. Epigenetics is not easy because it manifests itself through many mechanisms. It can turn genes ON or OFF. What the gene does determines the significance of activating or deactivating it. For example turning a cancer gene on is a bad thing but turning a tumor suppressor gene on is a good thing. One problem is investment in this critical area is relatively small. Hugh profits can be made with the correct investments in this relatively new field. Biology has never had such an important area of study.