Software "BUG"

Software “BUG” (Photo credit: mtlin)

The American Physiological Society (APS) says, “there is increasing evidence that epigenetic factors can profoundly influence gene expression and, in turn, resistance or susceptibility to disease”. Although we now have many more questions unanswered by epigenetics, we do know that it is influenced by our diet, our parents diet, the environment, and our upbringing. It clearly has taken center stage over genetics. It has the potential to reveal how diseases grow, possible cures and lifestyle changes to remain healthy. Just as computer software always takes center stage over hardware, epigenetics is the way of the future. Hopefully we will be mature enough to use it to help mankind and not just to develop more profits in new drugs. WE are influenced by our parents, friends, neighbors and society. We build traits based on what we experience. Prisoners adapt to that way of life. Captives adapt to their captors. We emulate what we see.