Nutrigenomics: bring disease, cancer, diet and...

Nutrigenomics: bring disease, cancer, diet and genetics together (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Epigenetics has been found as a causative factor in cancer, genetic disorders and pediatric syndromes as well as contributing factors in autoimmune diseases and aging. Just about every disease has links back to epigenetics. This makes sense if we look at epigenetics as our programming language sitting between our DNA (Machine Code) and our environment (data). As our environment changes so does our bodies reaction to it. In physics we have actions and reactions. Our bodies react to changes in the environment. Some of these reactions are not healthy to us as an individual. My feeling is we should be trying to understand more about what in our environment causes negative reactions in our bodies. Nutrigenomics is trying to do just that for diet. Most of the scientific world seems to be looking at how epigenetics can help build new drugs. This makes lots of money but doesn’t cure anything. It also doesn’t really help anyone. Just look at anyone with a critical disease. They are on plenty of drugs, have lots of medical procedures and are never really cured of their ailment. The quality of their life is low! If we could use our expertise to find the source of our problems and then avoid them, we would be healthier and happier. What do you think?