Dr. Bruce Lipton

Dr. Bruce Lipton (Photo credit: Robbi Baba)

This video is the second and final in the series of Dr. Bruce Lipton speaking on how our bodies really work. Our beliefs really do control the reality we find ourselves in. Our brain acts like a filter, filtering out good or bad. Dr. Lipton says if you are in a room with 99 other people and one person is evil and the other 99 are good, and you start having bad thoughts or thoughts of fear. Whom do you attract? The one evil person. You become in sync with that person bringing your reality to a negative place. If we sit and watch negative news and shows all the time, we will become the same. We can think of our brains as a machine that takes in our perception of the world through our senses. It then filters this perception with our beliefs. These were taught to us by our parents, family, friends and teachers. We adjust our belief of reality to be positive or negative. If positive we will be attracted to other positive things and people. If negative we will be attracted to negative ones. Illness is a ramification of negative beliefs. The good news, says Dr. Lipton, is we can change our belief system almost instantaneously and adjust our lives to a more positive one. What do you believe and how is it effecting your cells?