nutrigenomics, flow chart, diet, genes, disease

nutrigenomics, flow chart, diet, genes, disease (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What you are eating today is having a serious conversation with your genes. It may be making them upset and they in turn will make you depressed or sick. Your food may be delighting your genes making you well and happy. There are plenty of cases of people remaining healthy well into old age by eating and exercising properly. In my book, Food for Thought, I discuss the fact that diet, exercise, stress and thinking all affect our well being. We live in a fast food, processed diet society. What’s worse is we don’t exercise enough, we are over stressed and we think negatively. We are setting our genes up for failure! You can change your life style. You can be healthy and happy. It’s never easy to start but everyone can do it. Start today and enjoy the rest of your life.