A variety of foods made from wheat.

A variety of foods made from wheat. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If we score ourselves from 0 to 100 on how well we really eat we can see where we stand on the nutritional scale. We have to categories to consider: What doesn’t count and what does count.
What Doesn’t Count

• Meat
• Juices
• Potatoes
• Fried Foods
• Candies, cookies, cakes and other sweets
• Milk
• Cereal except oatmeal
• Corn
• All prepared foods (Cans, frozen and boxed)
• White bread
What Does Count

• Vegetables (raw or slightly cooked)
• Fruits
Whole wheat whole grain breads
Dark chocolate in moderation
Count each item in each meal that doesn’t count as -8 and count each item in what does count as 8. Add up each item you eat in every meal and snack for a day. If your score is negative set it to zero. If your score is over 100 set it to 100. Vegans can reach 100. Europeans are around 50-60. Americans are typically at 25-30. You can raise this score and raise the probability of good health.
Follow these simple daily rules:

• Eat what nature provides not what man makes.
• Eat more raw organic fruits and vegetables
• Cut back or drop sweets
• Cut back the sugar and milk in your coffee
• Cut back the animal protein (meats, eggs, cheeses and milk)
• Switch from white bread to a whole grain
• Switch from white pasta to a whole grain