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We assume that athletes are healthy because they are strong, able to do amazing things and look thin. In reality they may not be so healthy inside. Healthy muscle and thinness can be had by extreme exercise but it doesn’t guarantee a healthy body. Health needs exercise but diet and a positive mental attitude is needed as well. Dr. Philip Maffetone says athletes can be fit but unhealthy. He says that autopsies preformed on athletes that have had a questionable death show that only 2% have healthy hearts. They are illness wrapped in a cute package. He says we have to stop confusing fitness with healthiness. You can be very fit, able to perform remarkable feats but at the same time be unhealthy. He goes on to say people with a predisposition to heart disease can turn “OFF” the gene that causes it by lifestyle changes (epigenetics). He says that diet, stress and even over training can lead to increased heart disease. Lastly he raises the ethical question, as I have raised in this BLOG, as to who is responsible if we encourage our children or ourselves to have a lifestyle that leads to illness and premature death?