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Isotonix discussed the fields epigenetics & nutrigenomics at a conference. A quote mentioned is worthy of repeating in this BLOG:

“A statistical genetic risk to a disease or condition does not mean that you will express the disease or condition… It is an important starting point, but then the freedom and responsibility is to choose your way; to choose the right diet and optimized lifestyle for your genetic pre-disposition.” – Professor Michael Müller, Scientific Director, Netherlands Nutrigenomics Centre at Wageningen University

A comment left on this BLOG was:

“Myself and 4 of my colleagues just got home from my 4th NutraMetrix training in Dallas. It is everyone’s responsibility to take our health into our own hands. It is certainly time for a change and with the knowledge we have access to now, there is simply no excuses. Thank you for a very enlightening weekend.” –Shelley Weilert

I totally agree with the assessment of these two fields and their importance on our health. It is time that all health professionals get re-trained in terms of these fields so they can relate to their patients the importance of diet, stress, exercise and environment on our health. We must educate people to the fact that THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR OWN HEALTH! Just like we needed to educate the public on the hazards of smoking, we must now educate them on how they can make themselves healthy or ill.