drugsAmerica has become all about drugs. Now I know we need some drugs. We need operations and the drugs that go along with that. We need drugs for infections. We have gone too far with drugs to fix symptoms of other drugs, drugs that cure nothing only eliminate a symptom and drugs that can not be stopped. Think about it from a business point of view. I make a product that doesn’t do what it says. Once you buy it, you need to keep buying it. This is a billion dollar business going into a trillion-dollar one. The answer to most minor problems as well as most major illnesses like cancer, heart disease, dementia, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, arthritis and more is in our diet, stress and thinking. If you eat more plant-based foods and less saturated fats and sugar and salt, if you stress less and think positive about yourself and your life, you will be healthy and happy. No drugs needed! It is your choice.