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What is a Telomere and why is it Important? Telomeres are ends to our chromosomes protecting them like a rubber cap on a cane. Humans have 46 chromosomes with a telomere at each end so we have 92 telomeres. In biology we know that when chromosomes are copied, they cannot be copied to the very end. The telomere protects the chromosome from loosing information at its end points. We have several thousand iterations of a code in our telomeres. Each time a cell replicates, the chromosomes must be copied, a little bit of telomere is lost do to room in the cell. It is like painting the floor toward a corner. You get stuck and a little bit of the floor doesn’t get painted. This shortage is associated with aging. The quicker we lose our telomeres the faster we age. Once the telomeres are gone the replication stops. There are blood tests to measure how long your telomeres are but the measurement is not standardized and is therefore not very accurate. Stay tuned for more information on this important subject.