Image by MuseumofWorldCulture via Flickr

Was it God, nature or another intelligent race? One popular scientific theory is that life came to Earth billions of years ago as its building blocks, amino acids. They may still be arriving on Earth on asteroids. These building blocks formed simple proteins which formed single cell creatures that evolved into multi-celled creatures including humans. These early building blocks formed DNA and epigenetics. The epigenetics was a programming of the DNA to accomplish a higher rate of survivability for life. It also specialized cells to do partiocular tasks for the organism. We are just the latest version of that life. What will come in the distant future? Would we even recognize such a creature? Someone programmed these building blocks to react in ways that allowed them to adapt to ever changing environments. To grow, reproduce and increase the survivability of DNA. The programming is far beyond our capabilities to even understand. Who did it and for what purpose?