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ERIC, Educational Resources Information Center says obesity affects 65% of Americans and is rising. We are already a predominantly obese society. With that distinction, our society gets increased heart risk, cancer risk and diabetes risk. We know its epigenetic reactions to our diet, stress and lifestyle. We also know it’s a factor of our parents and grandparents lifestyles as well. Epigenetics is CHANGEABLE! We are NOT predetermined by our genes. Anyone can change and become normal weight with proper diet and exercise. The reduced weight will only last if you make these changes a lifestyle change. Diets don’t work long-term. Decide on health or illness and make changes in your lifestyle. If you are waiting for a magic pill, STOP! It’s never coming. It is not economic to cure obesity. As long as people’s weight bounce up and down, companies will make a lot of money on pills and diets and food.