Self-portrait of Leonardo da Vinci. Red chalk....

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Humans may be the only species that knows what we are eating is killing us but continues to do so. The dinosaurs were made extinct by a meteor. Will our epitaph be we wiped ourselves out eating? How can we be so smart, so technological and still do so many dumb things to ourselves? How can we be so totally unaware that it is happening? People like Newton and Leonardo Da Vinci had no technology but they had incredible powers of observation. Today we have a lot of technology but have lost our powers of observation. Things can be as plain as the nose on our face but we miss it somehow. How can we not see how many of us are sick and having horrible qualities of life? How can we not realize we are pouring more and more of our tax dollars into a health care system that doesn’t work? We seem to like things that don’t work but cost us money. We like diets even though they never really work. We like the medical solutions available even though they seldom cure anything. If we want to survive, we must get back our power of observation and make smart decisions in our life.