May 4, 2011 - Dr. Joel Fuhrman

Image by Khürt via Flickr

A study by Dr Joel Fuhrman shows the following disturbing facts:

a. There is a relationship between animal protein and heart disease

b. Animal protein’s effect on cholesterol may be significant

c. Many people who cut out some meat do NOT see the drop in cholesterol; those that cut out all animal protein see a significant drop in cholesterol

d. Consumption of chicken and fish, not just red meat, is linked to colon cancer

e. Those that eat beans, peas and lentils at least twice a week see a 50% drop in the risk of getting cancer

f. Chicken has about the same amount of cholesterol as beef

g. The risk of stomach cancer rises by 15% to 38% for consumption of processed meats over 1 ounce per day

h. Dr. Fuhrman’s advice, “The best bet for overall health is significantly limit or eliminated all types of meat—red and white.”