epigenetic mechanisms

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Our diet has grown off course over the last 100 years. Each generation takes it further off course and passes it down to the next generation. We need a course adjustment. A major adjustment is required to get American health back on course. It can be done! Our lifestyle has too much stress, poor diet, too many boxed and canned foods with toxins in them, air pollution and lack of exercise. An article tiled “What You Should Know about Nutrigenomics and How It Relates to Epigenetics and Wellness” states we can become healthier by:

  • Cancer, diabetes, and obesity are all lifestyle-related diseases that have reached epidemic proportions in our nation. Through nutrigenomics, we can minimize these
    disorders and prevent them from being passed down to future generations.
  • Through intentional lifestyle change, we can pursue a happy, productive, and healthy life. Going beyond the lack of disease, wellness is the pursuit of ultimate health and genetic expression that we could possibly achieve to accomplish success in your life.
  • Pursuing wellness includes all areas of your life. It comprises:• The physical aspect of your life including diet, exercise, and stress management.

    • Emotional wellness which could encompass spiritual, mental, and psychological health.

    • Personal relationships with family and friends.

    • Financial health and wellness, including one’s life passion expressed in a job, career, business, or volunteer work.

  • Preparing our bodies for optimal health includes discerning what kinds of foods we will eat to maximize our healthy genes. We must constantly guard against anything
    that would sabotage our wellness and health by exercising regularly and seek to live a life as free of toxins as possible. Stress management is also very important in order to deal with the challenges life throws at us.