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Do you have a relative or friend that is sick or dying? Is a neighbor fighting a chronic illness? Be a Good Samaritan and point them to books like the China Study, The Spectrum or one of the videos I have posted on this BLOG by doctors and surgeons talking about the harm of eating cooked meat. Your jester might just save a life near and dear to you. Videos and articles of interest are:

Dr Joel Fuhrman Talks about Vegan Diets to Cure Diseases
Dr Campbell speaks on The  China Study
Meat can Cause Several Types of Cancer
The Dangers of Meat … Part 1
The Dangers of Meat … Part2
The Dangers of Meat … Part 3
The Dangers of Meat … Part 4
The Dangers of Meat … Part 5
The Dangers of Meat … Part 6
Do You Eat Smart Foods
The Protein Myth
Diabetes Can Be Cured
The Latest Colon Cancer Findings
Is 2011 a Year to Start Looking at a Healthier America?
Foods are Addictive

Give your relative or friend this list of information on how meat can cause serious illnesses. Give them a copy of The China Study and The Spectrum. Help them get this important research and change their lives. Save a life close to you!