Meat at HEB Torreon

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Can chocolate, meats, sugars and other foods be addictive? YES! Neal Barnard MD discusses how addiction works. These addictions cause cancer, diabetes, male impotency, arthritis and many other diseases. Neal suggests, as I have in this BLOG, that eating too little will prevent you from losing weight. He suggests taking your ideal weight times 10 and that equals the MINIMUM number of calories you should eat in a day. Eating less will cause you to binge and gain weight. When we look at animal based foods as the cause of most chronic illnesses and the fact that they are addictive, we see the tough battle we are all in today. Look at the next generation of children. They are more obese than ever, they are getting type two diabetes at earlier ages, their arteries are becoming clogged and they are getting cancer at an earlier age. Is this really what we want for our children? We are killing ourselves by habits that are changing our healthy epigenetics into unhealthy conditions. You have the power to reverse any disease. Try it; what do you really have to lose? Dr Barnard suggests after a 3 week period of eating vegan, you will not enjoy eating meat again.