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The University of California at Davis has setup a Center for Excellence for Nutritional Genomics (CENG) After seven years of research this center is publishing information on what dietary changes can positively affect our health through epigenetics. To this end the center has developed The Global HealthShare Initiative (GHSI) whose initial focus will be on cardiovascular diseases, infectious diseases and malnutrition. GHSI’s initiative includes:

  1. Combinatorial supplements (soy, lycopene, DHA, antioxidants, etc.) to combat cardiovascular disease.
  2. Enhanced micronutrient rice cultivars with high levels of zinc, iron and anthocyanins to fight malnutrition.
  3. “Rural Tech” – Culturing immunoactive antigens from diseased animals and transferring passive immunization in a nutritional matrix vaccines to promote herd animal health.
  4. Therapeutic Rehydrating Nutrition: Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS) for childhood diarrhea: Efficacy of mother milk proteins supplemented with WHO recommended oral rehydration solution in the treatment of children with acute watery diarrhea: The next generation ORS.
  5. Effective post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) rabies treatment using plant produced recombinant rabies antibodies and antigens.
  6. Development of a rice based oral tri-component vaccine against three major enteric diseases affecting economically emerging nations.

This center and others like it at universities around the world will help map the programming changes nutrition has on our genome. Stay tuned for more information in this important area of research.