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Why is it that scientists associate genes with illnesses but then determine having the genes may not give you the illness and not having it may not protect you from the illness? Our genes are very complex. Think of them like tiny electrical circuits. Let’s say a battery with one end wired to a light bulb and the other end through a switch to the light bulb. When the switch is open the light is OFF and when the switch is closed the light is ON. Scientists look at large numbers of people who have a condition and determine that a certain gene or group of genes is more probable in people with the condition than without it. So this circuit can do bad things but IT MUST BE ACTIVATED FIRST! It must be turned on at its switch so the light bulb glows. Epigenetics throws these switches in our genes causing the gene to be activated or deactivated. So keep in mind that it is NOT what genes we have but which ones are activated and deactivated. The combination is very complex. It is a form of programming language. The good news is we can change these switches from active to inactive or inactive to active by our diets, lowering our stress levels, thinking more positive, etc. Our environment affects us in both good and bad ways. Whether it’s good or bad is up to you.