How Amusing

Image by andyi via Flickr

We all know that in theory it sounds great to say “Eat less and lose weight!” but in reality that is not always easy. A study in Spain concluded that there is an epigenetic process going on. They monitored two key genes that are associated with obesity. In dieters that lost weight on the low-calorie diet, thier methylation levels on those genes were low (meaning that epigenetics was at play). Those that had not lost weight had higher levels of methylation. Here is another case were having these two obesity genes does not mean you will be fat. It has to do if the genes are activated or not through epigenetics. The Spanish scientists determined that the higher methylation levels equated to less effectiveness of the low-calorie diet plan. It would be nice to know what causes the methylation levels to change but we aren’t there yet. What we do know is that diet, stress and how we think does affect our epigenetics. Our environment makes us who we are through epigenetics.