University College London (front quad)

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The University College of London found a link between our political views and our brains. Liberals have a larger anterior cortex (the gray matter associated with complexity). These differences were found on MRI scans of different brains.  Conservatives have a larger amygdale (an almond-shaped area of the brain that is associated with fear and anxiety. We are much more programmed than we think. Epigenetics controls not only our cells but our brains as well. As the brain develops different areas get larger depending on how we think and our life experiences. What can we do about it? Can we change how we think and our environmental influences? I believe the answer is YES! I believe our cells are reacting to what we put them through in an attempt to adapt better. Sometimes this causes our bodies to get sick and sometimes it provides the mechanisms to overcome great hurdles.What are affecting your cells, brain and body?