Chicago school bans homemade lunches, the latest in national food fight. We have seen in epigenetics that foods we have held as nutritious are really not. In fact some of them can cause illness and death. Milk is one! It is linked to breast cancer and other illnesses. We think of it as being a source of calcium but find in scientific studies that it is not. Most of the calcium is expelled through our urine. Broccoli is a much better and nutritious source of calcium. Do we want a school board dictating what our kids should and should not eat? These types of laws are unconstitutional! They take away our basic rights as Americans. Uneducated people making decisions in areas they know nothing about may cause millions of children to get sick or even die. This should be condemned. Nutrigenomics will show what is really nutritious in the future. It will be natural foods like fruits and vegetables not manmade concoctions (even though it is from a cow, it is processed by man) like milk that bring billions of dollars to an industry. Ask yourself one question: “Do you really think that the dairy board has our children’s best interest at heart?” NO! They only seek a new generation of milk addicts to sell their products to.