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We the public are usually 10-20 years behind what is really happening in science. In most cases that doesn’t matter since scientists are delving deeper and deeper into a subject. Our media picks up on an interesting story and it becomes public. Authors write about it and some people become up-to-date. Epigenetics may be the biggest change ever to science. It certainly is at least as significant as relativity was to physics. The problem we have is all our text books and common knowledge among doctors are wrong! Epigenetics changed everything. We are not at the mercy of our genes as previously thought. Our genes alone do not make us who we are. Epigenetics shows us that there is another level above our genes that controls the genes. It literally turns the gene ON/OFF and thus changes who we are.

When we look at the similarity between all humans we see that it is epigenetics that makes us so different a person. Studies of twins, with identical genes, shows that epigenetics change as the grow older. In effect they build their own personalities as they experience life. Even all mammals have very similar genetics. So why are we so different from an ape, elephant, dog? Again epigenetics are at play. Even though the genes are similar, the firing (turning ON/OFF) of those genes, is so different.

Talk with your science teachers at your local schools and see if they know anything about epigenetics. If they are staying up-to-date, they can prepare our children for the new science. If all they learn is what is in the text books today, they will be learning mis-information about an important part of science. In the near future we will be hearing more and more about epigenetics. The media will pick up on it. Doctors will hear about it and new doctors graduating from medical school will have studied it. We are at a crossroads in our understanding of what it means to be alive, to be a mammal, to be human really means. These are exciting times.