The government and insurance companies can NOT fix the current healthcare problem no matter how much they spend. We are wasting our tax dollars trying to fix the unfixable. The problem is the whole system is broke. We no longer try to cure diseases. We now try to make drugs that will be used by most of the population for their entire lives. This creates an enormous amount of money. Since we are not focused on cures or helping people, no one gets better. As a society we are getting sicker. A typical individual starts getting sick earlier in their lives and stays sick with one disease or another for their entire life. If we are to change this, reduce hospitals, illuminate disease, make people live healthier lives; we must focus on curing disease and helping people live healthier. This helps everyone except the drug companies and drastically reduces our tax burden. If you are interested in being healthy, you cannot depend on your government or your doctors. You must investigate and make personal changes in your life to live healthier and happier.