Sexuality and gender identity-based cultures

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Searching the web reveals some interesting information on causes of Death in America. The following list shows causes from highest to lowest:

1. Tobacco 435,000
2. Poor diet and physical inactivity 400,000
3. Alcohol consumption 85,000
4. Infectious agents (e.g., influenza and pneumonia) 75,000
5. Toxic agents (e.g., pollutants and asbestos) 55,000
6. Motor vehicle accidents 43,000
7. Firearms 29,000
8. Sexual behavior 20,000
9. Illicit use of drugs 17,000

It seems that diet is killing as many of us as tobacco is. This doesn’t include illnesses that are caused by poor diet that are not yet well understood. All of the above except Accidents, fire arms and sexual behavior are epigenetic related. Accidents, fire arms and sexual behavior may be related to epigenetics as well. Epigenetics may cause brain functions that lead to careless driving, poor sexual behaviors and misuse of fire arms.