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Dr Jirtle, Duke University, says “Diet is extremely important to epigenetics”. He discusses the fact that every cell has the same DNA but we are made of 250 to 300 different types of cells. How can that be? If the DNA is identical  what makes these cells different? It is the epigenetics. He likens epigenetics to software and DNA to hardware on a computer. Every program running on a particular computer has use of the same hardware. But by invoking the hardware in different ways (programming) we get the various programs that run on any modern computer. They can be accounting programs, games, video editing, etc. Our genetics & epigenetics are very similar. The cells have the same genetics (DNA) but different epigenetics which cause them to be programmed differently from each other. He speaks about how difficult epigenetic research is. Genetics was difficult but each cell basically had the same DNA and it did not change. With epigenetics, each cell can have different epigenetic programs running and they can change over time based on the environment.