epigenetic mechanisms

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LiveScience recently wrote an article on Epigenetics: A revolutionary look at how humans work. We share a lot of our DNA with other animals such as Monkeys, Apes, Mice and even Worms. If our DNA is so similar why are we so different? The answer lays in each animal’s epigenetics. The piano keys are the same but the song that gets played is very different. The pianist is the boss of the piano and epigenetics is the boss of the genes. Epigenetics turns out to be the mediator between our genes and our environment. Searching Google for this yields:

  • DNA – 148,000,000 hits
  • Epigenetics – 1,280,000 hits
  • Nutrigenomics – 182,000 hits

Clearly more people still know DNA over epigenetics or nutrigenomics but the interest is growing at a rapid pace. Take your health and well-being into your own hands.