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There are two answers to this: a) The complex one and b) the simple one.

The Complex Answer

What we eat contains nutrients and proteins (everything we eat has proteins even plant-based foods). These proteins cause complex epigenetic reactions which then cause other epigenetic reactions and so on down the line. This network of reactions is very complex. It is what makes us so complex to understand. It may be that the little bit of DNA that is different in each of us, causes different interactions with different foods. The new study of nutrigenomics is looking into this. Then we need to understand each type of food and which genes it may trigger ON or OFF. This will take a very long time to fully understand. For sure we are very complex and have a programmed network of interconnections more complex than any modern computer. Epigenetics and nutrigenomics are in their infancy and only starting to understand this complexity.

The Simple Answer

What we do know with knowing why is that plant-based foods have incredible benefits for us. Many diseases can be avoided and even cured based on eating a rich plant-based diet. See Dean Ornish‘s “The Spectrum” a book that shows these interactions. We also know that red meats and possibly all meats can cause various cancers, heart disease, obesity and diabetes. We also know that the two evil villans are salt & sugar. Processed foods deliver too much of each of these. using a little bit of salt from a slacker is OK and eating sugar in the form of fruits is fine and healthy. Avoid processed sugars and all products made from it. We don’t have to wait to fully understand the complex answer to be healthy. Change your diet today and reap the benefits immediately. Good eats and health to all.