Cover of "You Are What You Think"

Cover of You Are What You Think

Let’s review what we know:

  1. Our environment does effect who we are and how we live. Food, stress, how we think and toxins affect us and our health.
  2. “We are what we eat” – fruits and vegetables (plant-based foods) have the healthful properties we need to survive. We have been eating them since the beginning. Only very recently have we changed our diets so drastically that we eat so few plant-based foods.
  3. Our work and mental attitudes have been causing increased stress in our lives. Our society has rules that place more stress on us. We can easily change society or our work but we can reduce stress through techniques like yoga and meditation.
  4. “You are what you think” turns out to be true! How we think does effect our personality and health.
  5. As we changed our diet and increased our stress we have had an explosion of healthcare issues that is about top break the bank. It is NOT governments responsibility to fix our health. It is NOT our doctors responsibility to fix our health. IT IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY TO FIX OUR HEALTH.
  6. Healthcare has become big business. It makes so much money it goals are no longer to fix our health problems but to make money on them. Ever think that in our advanced technological society we have not cured one disease since polio. It is not to their financial benefit to cure anything.
  7. Your epigenetics are what controls your health and well-being not your DNA. The good news is that epigenetics is changeable. Make a decision today to change yours for the better. Start eating more plant-based foods, start to reduce your meat intake, practice yoga and meditation, spend more time with kids, your family and friends. Enjoy your life more.

As the sciences of epigenetics and nutrigenomics start to find answers we will know even more about what affects our health. These sciences will also be used to build new drugs to make more money. Every drug company is already experimenting with new epigenetic drugs. These drugs may help in some cases but will also have even more drastic side affects than our current drugs. Take responsibility for your own life.