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It seems America is obsessed with weight loss. We see adds for diet companies everywhere. Do they really have our best interest in mind? NO NO NO! Think about it! I was taught a very valuable lesson early in life: Follow the money trail. It is all about money. These companies don’t want you to really lose weight. They want to make money, billions of dollars. If they came out with a product or program that really worked, they would be out of business. What do you think their board would say about that?

Dieting does NOT work long-term! You must change your life style to lose weight! One thing I always keep in mind is to ask the question what did the Cave man & women eat? Our DNA has not changed much since those days but are dietary habits have. Here are some things to do if you want to change your lifestyle:

  • Eat less at a meal – Science has shown that eating many small meals is healthier and easier to lose/maintain weight than eating 1 to 3 large meals a day. Restaurant portions are 2 to 4 times a regular portion! Beware. If you are with your spouse or a friend, share a meal.
  • Eat more vegetables – vegetables are powerful food that can cure illnesses and make you stronger. They are full of fiber which can help you lose weight in a healthy way.
  • Eat more fruits – Same as vegetables they are high in fiber and taste sweet. Use fruit instead of desserts! Even Weight Watchers now says eat as many fruits as you want. The sugar in fruit is not the same as the sugar in sweets. It is mixed with natural fiber and has a much lower value on the glycemic Index than most desserts.
  • Drink lots of water – You can NOT lose weight if you don’t drink a lot of water. It flushes our system out and allows the fat to be expelled.
  • NEVER STARVE YOURSELF – How many times have you skipped a meal thinking you will lose weight? It is just the opposite. If you skip a meal, your body feels food has become scarce just like in the cave man days. It starts to lock every calorie it can into fat. This preserves energy for lean times. If you eat many small meals, your body knows food is plentiful and reduces the fat reserve.
  • Watch your carbs especially processed grains – Breads, cereals (except Oat Meal), cakes, cookies and candy can cause real problems for weight loss. While you are dropping the pounds restrict breads to once every two weeks. Once you get to your goal you can eat them once or twice a week.
  • Your mental attitude counts – Think positive, be around positive people. Thinking negative makes us binge.

Enjoy your food and the tastes of great food. Never feel hungry again and watch those pounds come off. Be realistic about how much you can lose. Never lose more than 2 pounds a week! As you drop you may hit plateaus. It will seem you can’t get below it. Just persevere and you will start to drop again. Measure your waist, hips, legs, arms as well as your weight. Sometimes the scale doesn’t give the true answer. The goal is to lose inches not necessarily pounds.