We are complex creatures that have evolved systems over millions of years. Modern man has changed the rules that affect these systems. Sometimes our bodies react poorly to the changes. We eat very much different from we use to. We stress constantly and we don’t exercise enough. These facts cause changes to our epigenetics that are not always what we want. Most of us have stress in modern society. It is not easy to reduce or change it. We all can’t move to a south sea island and chill but we can learn yoga and meditation. Yoga will give you exercise, keep you nimble and reduce your stress. Meditation can drastically reduce stress. When you feel you are in an increased stress state, practice your meditation for a few minutes.

Eating in modern society is hard. We have food everywhere but little or no nutrition. Our children are learning our bad habits and it is causing earlier and earlier chronic illness. Try mapping what you eat. Make a plan to change your habits. Your taste buds will adapt quickly and you will find you don’t really miss the old foods. Cut out most boxed, canned and frozen foods. They have added sugars and salt. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. Fruits have sugars but they are mixed with fiber and enter your body at a much slower rate. If you are a big meat-eater, cut back your portions. Try to change red meat to more white meat. Add more fish to your diet. The Omega 3 fats are great for you. Snack on fruits and raw nuts not sugary or doughy items.

You will feel better, your tastes will discover new flavors that you forgot and your weight will normalize to where you should be. The best part is your epigenetics will start to trigger good genes and suppress the bad ones. You will not only feel better but be healthier. Live long and enjoy your life.