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We know from epigenetics that our diet, stress and way of thinking can turn on genes to make us healthier or sicker. Nutrigenomics is the science trying to identify what these foods are. What is healthy and what is not? If we listen to commercials or the news it seems to be changing all the time. Is this really true? NO! The foods that make us healthy are called Smart Foods. These foods have been known by humans and eaten by humans since before we evolved. They are most plant based foods, fish, fish oils and green teas. As children we can remember our mothers and grandmothers telling us to eat our vegetables. Modern society has stepped away from this tradition and is eating more fast foods, fried foods, sugary foods, salty foods and meats. As a result we have paid the ultimate price – we are the sickest nation on Earth and getting sicker. We are developing these illnesses at earlier and earlier ages. Our poor children don’t stand a fighting chance. They are doomed from before birth to have their epigenetics re-programmed in harmful ways. How can we change this? We need to individually make the decision to be healthy. All we need to do is to lower our stress levels, think more positively and start eating more plant based foods. The cure is all around us in the plants. All we have to do is eat it. Are you instructing your body to be healthy and strong or sick and weak?