epigenetic mechanisms

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Epigenetics seems to be an interface between our hard-coded genetics and the environment we live in. Why did this type of system come about? Well it is a more efficient system of change! Humans have changed computers in a very similar way. Computers are made up of hardware and software (hardware has microcode but that is more like software than hardware). If we had to re-wire the hardware each time we wanted to create a new program, nothing would get done. Software is an easy way of controlling hardware to do specific and new things to reach a goal. Our DNA (genetics) are very much like hardware. If our bodies had to re-wire its DNA each time it needed to change something we would not be what we are today. Instead our bodies have evolved a software system known as epigenetics that can manipulate our genetics to do new and different things quickly. This may be our greatest achievement in that it allows a very fast change so we can adapt to a new environment. Computer technicians invented software so we could program new applications quickly. This made computers very powerful and allowed vast changes over the last 40 years. Nature did the same thing with epigenetics. Software can also allow us to fix errors or bugs just as quickly. Our epigenetics can have errors as well and that is why we get sick. The great news is that computer bugs can be fixed just as fast and so can epigenetic bugs. Change your diet, stress levels and way of thinking and re-program your epigenetics to a more healthy life.