An overview of the structure of DNA.

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An article in the Sacramento Chronicle guided parents on how to teach epigenetics and nutrigenomics to your children. These science topics are becoming more main stream every day. Children are being taught the new science as text books are rewritten. They define these two topics as:

  • Epigenetics is the science of finding safe and healthful ways to switch on the good gene tags and switch off the bad gene tags. Researchers are trying to find foods and supplements as well as actual drugs to switch on or off tags that direct genes. 
  • Nutrigenomics marries nutrition to genomics. And genomics is a branch of genetics that researches genomes. All your genes together make up your genome. Epigenetics and nutrigenomics work together to help find the smart foods and tailor them to your type.

We need to start our children young on learning that their genes do NOT make them victims but are under their control. How they live their lives and the choices they make will affect their health and well-being. What are you telling your children or grand children?