Dr Lipton talks about how powerful our minds are in changing our epigenetics to heal an illness and even correct defective organs or bones. Spontaneous Remissions happen all the time. Our bodies can instantly reprogram our cells to be healthy or sick. Dr Lipton says a gene is like a blueprint but epigenetics can create up to 30,000 different prints of that gene. That is amazing. Studies show that between 1/3 and 2/3 of all illnesses that are corrected are because of the PLACEBO Affect and not a pill or operation. A NOCEBO effect is the opposite. It causes negative energy to cause us to be sick. Dr Dyer talks about a man who was told he had a black spot on his lung. Shortly thereafter he died. Later they found old x-rays from years before and the same black spot was there. It didn’t effect him until he believed it was dangerous. Another doctor was testing two different forms of knee surgery and wanted to find out which was more affective. He also did a PLACEBO effect by making an incision but doing nothing else. He showed the patient a video of someone elses surgery that they believed was happening on their knee. It turned out all three methods had the same positive affect. Henry Ford said “Whether you believe you can or you can’t you are correct”. The power of our mind can heal us or kill us. Watch this video it will change your life. Part 2 of this interview will be tomorrow.