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We have spoken about this before but I constantly run into doctors and read articles from our government that states we need protein to be healthy. This is true but protein is in EVERY living organism. This includes plants (vegetables & fruits) and animals (meats). Proteins are different from each other. There is an endless number of proteins that are manufactured by all life including humans to build the necessary infrastructure (cells, etc) as well as hormones needed to communicate between cells. The myth started because scientist saw that meat contains proteins that are made up of all nine missing amino acids (those not manufactured in our bodies and therefore needed to be gotten from foods). Plant based life contains a mixture of the nine missing amino acids but usually not all nine in one food source. Vegetarians still get all missing amino acids by eating a variety of plants. How do you think the animals got proteins made of all nine amino acids? They ate plants or ate other animals that ate plants. Humans typically eat meat from animals that eat plants directly like cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, etc.). This myth about protein has been going on for a long time. It is perpetuated by the meat packers associations that want you to eat meat. It is probably the largest scam ever done on the American people via a commercial! Not only do most people believe it but most health professionals do as well. When you remind them of Biology 101 that all living cells are made from protein, you first get a blank stare and then that questionable look. It’s time to stop this myth and get on with real science. Meat in general has been shown to statistically increase the rates of heart disease and cancer. Statistics can be altered by those that don’t want this information known. Our government should begin to do what it was founded to do, protect the American people. Take books like “The China Study” and “The Spectrum” and redo the science in them the shows meat can be deadly. They should either prove without a doubt that this is false or state is authenticity. It’s time to take our health seriously and fix the healthcare problems in this country before they destroy us completely.