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I went to a book signing today with Gretchen Rubin who wrote The Happiness Project. She said three things that reminded me of the purpose of my BLOG:

  1. We are not predisposed to our genes but can make our happiness if we want
  2. People that act angry actually influence their brains to become more angry
  3. Kissing and hugging loved ones is important

I have discussed in this BLOG these three items:

  1. We are not predisposed to our genes because epigenetics plays our genes in different ways depending on diet, stress and thinking. It is the song that makes us who we are: sick, healthy, happy, sad, etc
  2. Acting angry sets off epigenetics that influence our mind to trigger more epigenetics and we become addicted to the anger.
  3. We spoke about the mice experiment that showed mice that were licked by their mothers were healthier than those that were not. Humans don’t lick but we kiss, hug and touch our loved ones.

Gretchen’s book is a great way to start being happier. Read the book, change your life, and feel better. Remember your epigenetics are changeable!