Dr. OZ on Oprah’s new OWN network has been talking about epigenetics. He says: 1.5 million people were diagnosed with cancer and 600,000 died in 2010, in some cases up to 70% of all cancers can be prevented, he had a MD from Yale University that spoke about how some foods can prevent cancer 30% to 60% of the time. He listed the top 5 cancer fighting foods as tomatoes, carrots, oranges, strawberries and onions. He also said Soy and Salmon Protein gives cells power to fight diseases. It is becoming more evident in scientific and medical research that plant-based foods will help you stay healthy. We don’t need more pills with terrible side affects! Eat right and live long. Dr Oz states on his website: “While you can’t control which genes you pass on to your child, you do have some influence over which genes are expressed, affecting what features are seen in your baby (phenotype).  In fact, what you eat, breathe, and even feel can affect the long-term health of your child.”