Scientific Method is a long process where the theorist come up with new ideas based on already known scientific facts and then these new ideas are tested in laboratories. Once proven and documented the experiments are repeated all over the world. This has been a process that serves science well but sometimes blinders are put on because scientists don’t want to be ridiculed for their ideas. Epigenetics is changing all this. There is still a stringent scientific method but scientists are beginning to believe that nature and nurture do come together through epigenetics. They are looking into how diet, beliefs, well-being and thought as well as toxins affect our DNA through the process of epigenetics.

My BLOG is to bring ideas from science and thinkers all over the world to the general public. I want you to think about these concepts and how they might impact who you are. You don’t have to agree or disagree with what I BLOG about, just think about it. My goals are: 1) to have scientists not just look at the processes of methylation (chemistry behind epigenetics) but what causes these methylations. Which foods cause what epigenetic triggers (nutrigenomics), 2) Not only think in terms of new drugs but actual cures by changing how people live, 3) Raise the awareness of the average human being to realize we are in control of who we rare. We have free will and make choices in life. Some of these choices will make us happy and healthy and others will make us sad and depressed and sick, 4) The concept of crime and insanity may be triggered by epigenetics and the environment. Let’s look at cures again not just prisons that don’t work. What do you think about my BLOG? Please leave comments and let me know what you find interesting or not. Many have written including biologists. Thanks for your time.