An article entitled “Epigenetics: The New Science of Our Cells”. The article says “what epigeneticists are discovering is that our lives, more specifically the way our lives unfold and the quality of life that we experience individually is directly related to cellular-memory which we have both the ability and the choice to change should we discover that the cellular memories we’ve accumulated and hold are counterproductive to living a kind and quality of life desired.” Our well-being and happiness as well as our health are mapped in these cell memories. Like computer memory you can change its contents if you desire. It may not be easy because we are used to doing things a certain way and as humans we resist change. But in this case change can not only be good but healthy and make us a happier and a more content person. Are you healthy? Are you Happy? Really happy! If not what are you doing about it? You might want to read the book “Happiness Genes” by James D. Baird PhD and Laurie Nadel PhD. It’s a 28 day program to improve your lives through genetically modified happiness. What do you think?